Monday, 6 December 2010

Albums of 2010 part 2 - Foals "Total Life Forever"

My second album of the year is Foals' second, "Total Life Forever". Washed away are the attempts at dance floor fillers and the band have moved on from there obsession with Battles. This albums premise is to build songs without giving the game away to early on. The album opens with "Blue Blood" which sets the record up perfectly, followed by the immediate  "Miami". Even if this album was dross "Spanish Sahara" would be reason enough to give it a listen. "Spanish..." Is easily Foals at there best. A tender opening which builds and builds until the listener is carried to the heights of the finale. The album revolves around the 5th track beautifully. A big step in the right direction. If continued their third could be something special Click here to listen to "Spanish Sahara"

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